The white bar

A visual reminder for victims to protect their privacy.

Perpetrators in the media… A familiar sight. The face of the bad guy automatically censored. Because of privacy. Unfortunately the victim's face is not. They need to actively ask for privacy.Most victims aren't aware of their privacy rights. So every year, the personal information of over 150.000 victims is made public. This obstructs their recovery process. Slachtofferhulp Nederland wants to make future victims aware of their right to remain anonymous.

We made their privacy visible with 'The White Bar', a symbol that reminds victims to protect their privacy rights. ‘The White Bar’ was discussed in every news item and newspaper in the Netherlands, making over 29 million impressions. It made people aware of their privacy rights, and, using a petition, put the issue firmly under the Dutch government’s attention. Which resulted in changing the law to better protect the privacy of victims.



Design Director
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Barend Stegeman
Wessel Beumer

Jeroen Feenstra
Daniel Götz

Daan Muntinga

Ward Enckhof
Jip van den Bergs

Hélène Wiesenhaan

XXS Amsterdam


Case Film

Kia – Sweet2annie1

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