Display design concept 'Special squares'


Café Crème

A communication concept was devised with the title 'Special Squares'.

Famous city squares in de world are portrayed as the place where people enjoy a good conversation, a cup of coffee and and Café Crème Cigar.

Offcourse the name special squares also refers to the iconic yellow cigar box.
Based on the iconic shape and color of the box a series of airport displays were designed. Because of the premium materials and the obvious link to the brand, Cafe Creme would be more visable in de overcrowded taxfree area's.
The display was designed to be modular so parts are inter changeable for specific promotions while maintaining the premium look and feel of the display.



Graphic Design
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Team
Jurjen Born
Ro Mulder

BSUR Concepting

Glen Morangie Signatures

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