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Youbahn's look was a bit stale and needed an update to appeal to a young adult audience.

What is Youbahn?
Youbahn is not an employment agency, but the first Dutch app for student work. So do you need extra income as a student? With the Youbahn app you have access to student work and interesting (side) jobs in various industries. Students can find shifts in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam via the website or app. Students are insured during work, get vacation days and of course receive vacation pay. Students have complete freedom through Youbahn, they decide where, when and how much they want to work.

All brand properties were redesigned from the logo, typography and colour palette to the tone of voice. We worked together with specialists from no protocol who developed the Website and the App to get the best possible translation of the identity in all the different channels.

Campaign 'Get work like you get life'.
We use the student's experience and link this to Youbahn via a copy construct. In this way we combine the spirit of today with the service Youbahn provides. We showed that Youbahn fits in your lifestyle. Youbahn is as easy as the world you are used to.




Design Director
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Barend Stegeman
Wessel Beumer
Job Ruighok
Bart Roggeveen

Jose Evers

Francis Oud

XXS Amsterdam

Web and App Agency
No protocol


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