Wecountancy Identity

Putting the "We" in accountancy



Creating a new brand from a merger between two accounting firms

Youcountancy. Mecountancy. Wecountancy.

The name actually tells the whole story. We do accounting. And we do it together. Together with entrepreneurs. Together with our network. And: together with our colleagues.

The name Wecountancy was created based on the strategic principles developed in the first phase of the project. The name connects the central idea of “doing it together” and describes what we do “accountancy”. The new visual identity was developed based on these principles. A minimalist design language with a modern color palette provides rejuvenation and places Wecountancy outside the standard category colors (blue and red). The palette connects classic elegance (dark racing green) with fresh energy (bright yellow green).

The logo contains a number of elements that tell the story of the brand. In the W, two parts are connected, this represents collaboration with both colleagues and customers, internally and externally, where the organic loop represents the human aspect. The second and last part of the 'W' is also a checkmark and stands for control and confirmation or operational excellence. Together with modern typography that radiates friendliness and accessibility, a design language has been developed that further conveys the brand story.

The further style was set up with these ingredients, with color and typography forming the basis. This in combination with a design language that uses lines from the logo to give a recognizable and unique signature to all expressions of the brand on and offline.



Design Direction
Robert-Jan Hoesman

James van Arkel

Jeroen Cremer
Jorge Labadie

Introduction animation & animation
Jeroen Feenstra

Brand Happening / 37˚ Celcius, 2023




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