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SMT Identity Design


Stredge brand introductions was commissioned by Kuiken Group to create the total identity for SMT Group. The base logo was already created in France and was the starting point for the total identity.

Kuiken Group, a leading distributor of construction machinery for more than 70 years, has a new name and house style. As part of the international SMT Group, the company now continues under this name.

The design is bold and tough, sharp edges and the stencil principle of the logo are key ingredients in the visual language of the SMT brand.

The new house style was implemented by means of the Big Bang principle, whereby RGN brand identity services played a central role in the supervision and coordination of the entire project.




Graphic Design
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Jurjen Born, Stredge

Brand Photography
SMT Group

Implementation Identity



Service Brochure with the SMART Service system

Pages from the Corporate Identity Manual

HBB Groep

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