A story to sip

A rich brand history brought to life.





A story to sip

Schweppes has a rich product story. Our challenge was to create an authentic brand story that improves the internal brand awareness. Our starting point was the glass which is one of the most important things when it comes to experiencing a drink.

Time for a story. Through a beautiful box presented on the birthday of founder Jacob Schweppe, we spark the curiosity of the internal audience. The box consists of a special customised glass with hand crafted engravings of the 235 years storyline. A story which will come to life through video which can be activated with the Shazam marker on the bottom of the glass.




Graphic Design and 3d visuals and additional illustrations
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Team
Barend Stegeman
Wessel Beumer

Account Director
Daniel Kok

Lara Wilkin

3D animation

Film Editors
Jeroen Feenstra
Pieter Bokhorst

XXS Amsterdam, 2018



Glass pre production render

Brand Box packaging





In pack brochure brandstory



3D experiments

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