Royal Dutch Yacht Consortium

Conquering the Chinese yachting market


The Royal Dutch Yacht Consortium

In 2015, Royal Dutch Yacht Consortium is established as a one-stop shop consisting of leading Dutch companies from the yacht design and engineering sectors.

The organization has built extensive experience and its reputation and in the luxury and superyacht industry. Specialized in both custom building and refitting, applying the best quality for sustainable solutions.

The identity needed to be simple and elegant and be able to bridge cultural differences between china and western europe. The image mark is a mix of a crown, a ships bow, a wave and white space (creases and folds) between the three parts which relate to engineering (combining components to create a whole).

The surrounding graphical language is based on the flowing of the sea, always in motion but always recognisable, the shapes are all triangular to give the style a high-end technological look.



Design Director
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Account manager
Floris van de Weg

Munise Can

BSUR Concepting



We have a longstanding history in building the best quality and state of the art yachts. Enabling us to offer innovative design and engineering solutions. We exist to share our legacy.

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