Q*Bird Secure Quantum Connectivity


Building the next generation digital infrastructure

QuTech commisioned Brand Happening to develop a logo and brand identity for Q*Bird, a new start-up in quantum technology which was first translated in to a website for Q*Bird. As part of the brief we had to create a logo that uses basic ideas and principles from the world of quantum computing:

1. half spin rotation, spin-up/ down, möbius with flipping warden.
2. spooky network and connections (animated inside logo).
3. flying qubit technology (hence the name and the little bird).
4. central point through which data flow (exchange) can be securely established (versus end to end encryption) where lines cross.
5. entanglement.
6. green as color (switches to security).
7. movement to show flow of data (versus static logo).

Q*Birds mission is to provide quantum networking equipment for the current, and future European quantum internet. Today, they build devices for quantum secured data communications. Tomorrow they will enable general purpose quantum connectivity. Q*Bird wants to become our partner in building quantum networks.





Design Director
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Brand Director
Jeroen Cremer

Leona Appelman
Lais Rodriques

Frank Haveman

SVG animatie
Astrid Berkhout

Brand Happening



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