The first B2B IT Managed Service Platform.

PLTFRM believes that progress happens by bringing together people and organizations with specific IT expertise and capabilities who have the drive and the beliefs to make a positive change.

PLTFRM had a couple of points that they wanted the new logo to express:
- The recognisability of B2C platforms that everyone uses in their daily life
- The core values ​​of our company through colors
- We do not want to be a "boring" corporate brand, but we do want to connect with the large business market
- We are the first Managed Service platform so we set the tone
- The logo and style must underline our disruptiveness

Final design
To translate these wishes to form, I worked with keywords that matched the different aspects of the new brand. For the image mark we used round shapes: Friendly, approachable, open minded, dynamic, innovative. For the typography connecting single line thickness: modern, adaptable. The twist in the form reflect a certain disruptiveness, which is also expressed in de color palette.



Graphic Design
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Robbert-Coen Koreman


Youbahn Identity

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