Noordwijk promotion Identity

A breath of fresh air


Noordwijk a breath of fresh air

Our client, Foundation Noordwijk Marketing works with various organizations in and around Noordwijk. Common goal is to put Noordwijk on the map, both for tourism and the congress sector.

Noordwijk with four village centers
The new Noordwijk brand stands for the joint brand identity of the four beautiful centers in the municipality: Noordwijkerhout, De Zilk, Noordwijk Binnen and Noordwijk aan Zee. All four centers offer plenty of starting points and great stories to promote Noordwijk. Rugged dunes, magnificent woodlands, flower fields and an eye catching 13 km of fantastic sandy beaches. Noordwijk is a great place to be for a relaxed break, a business meeting or a wonderful holiday. Noordwijk isn't just captivating, it tempts you to stay!

Strategy 'The good life'
Based on the insights from research we created a direction we call 'the Good life' It's brings all the best from the four village centers together. A manifest was written and here we started the actual logo design process. A lot of aspects needed to be combined in a subtle but striking way.

The logo
The Noordwijk logo consists of a logo and word mark. The profile of the landscape and the colors of the elements from all four village centers are reflected in this, from the sea and the sky to the beach and the dunes, then the greenery and bulb fields. The initial 'N' of Noordwijk is clearly visible. The logo radiates tranquility, space and movement. Noordwijk is enjoying and coming home: a breath of fresh air.




Robert-Jan Hoesman
Ilse van der Velden

Motion design and moodfilm edit
Jeroen Feenstra

Jan de Roos

Strategy & Account
Jose Evers

XXS Amsterdam


Quirine Kamphuisen, Director of Noordwijk Marketing (l) handing out the new flag to Mayor Wendy Verkleij (m) and Alderman Roberto ter Hark (r)

Kia – Sweet2annie1

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