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Moxy Hotels

Marriott International teamed up with the property division of the IKEA group to launch a new and revolutionary concept: Moxy hotels.

BSUR was asked to develop the brand identity, design all Moxy branded materials and touch points. Insight: We’re all about smart style; we know that you can fit pretty much everything a millennial needs in 17m2.

BSUR interpreted Moxy as a budget hotel with a boutique soul, and designed its brand identity to entice and excite a new generation of travellers. Behind every corner something is happening that calls for interaction. And as being part of the Instagram-generation, you are invited to join and share that Moxy energy and excitement.

The first Moxy Hotel has opened in Milan, and 50 more are planned in Europe between now and 2020. Building upon a successful introduction in Europe, Moxy’s fun spirited brand will now also launch in eight US metropolitan locations, including New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans and Chicago.



Graphic Design
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Team
Janna Stolp
Simon van Gorkum

Creative Director
Shandor Gancs

Floors sign Photography
Brenda de Vries

Brand photography
Chris heads

BSUR Concepting


Moxy Manifesto


Identity Design

Pages from the brand manual

Custom icon set

Application of icon



Advertising grid , trayliners and invites

Umbrella and bags

Brand Imagery

Floor Signage


Princess Yachts

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