Mercedes-Benz Repair & Reconnect


Repair & Reconnect


XXS Amsterdam launched a new damage service for Mercedes-Benz Benelux: Repair & Reconnect.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to damage repair especially for Mercedes-Benz. Although it isn’t visible on the outside, the inside of a Mercedes-Benz is packed with state of the art technology. Which asks for state of the art care.

We created a new logo for the new service which was implemented in all the different touchpoints and a visual style for the campaign. In an online film we show an everyday situation, that a small damage can not be taken lightly. With impactful visual galore, we’re telling the story of minor damage can cause a sensor not working properly. The protagonist is confronted with this situation as we bring the context alive with the use of projections of traffic and technical explanation with visual effects and voice over.

The campaign was rolled out through various media, makes consumers aware of the fact that there may be more damage behind a dent or scratch. On the Repair & Reconnect landing page, experts provide answers to common misconceptions.



Design Director
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Director
John de Vries

Daniel Kok
Francis Oud

Creative Team
Saskia Meijer
René Verhagen
Roy Frencken
Edward van der Veen

Production Agency

Amber Hooijmans


Post Production

RTV Production
Marcel Ossendrijver

XXS Amsterdam

Candid Identity

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