7 years in 7 seconds

KIA quality campaign


7 years in 7 seconds

Kia quality campaign

In recent years Kia has taken major steps forward when it comes to the quality and design of their cars. Winning reliability tests and design prizes worldwide. The driveability also improves with every new version, on par with the heavy competition. Nevertheless, the Dutch consumer couldn’t really tell what the brand Kia stood for.

Together with Kia Motors Nederland, XXS Amsterdam started a journey to give the brand a direction and meaning to the consumer.

The ambition of the Brand is limitless, and the power of innovation is tremendous, but it was important to build the strategy on existing associations. We looked for a logic, relevant and distinctive domain, true to ambitions and believable to the consumer: Kia goes for more. With an unlimited mindset. Through quantitative and qualitative research we learned that this is the way to move forward.

This quality campaign is the first one that is born from within the new strategy campaign.

A lot can happen in seven years. For a car, seven years can be the difference between baby seats or muddy Saturday morning football practice. Seven years can mean countless trips to school and back, the supermarket, the seaside, collecting a trunk full of memories on the way.

Ordinarily, one would assume the natural laws of time would slowly creep in, with visible signs of wear and tear on your beloved car. But not when you own a Kia. Its high-quality durability has been proven through rigorous testing, and the promise of its 7 Year Guarantee.

To celebrate this, we bring the Kia quality to life in colourful and surprising ways with the film ‘7 Years in 7 Seconds’.

More quality. More joy… Unlimit the more.



Campaign Print & Web Design
Robert-Jan Hoesman

John de Vries
Siebe Kruize
Anne van Andel

Photography Retouch
Gio Pardjo

Joram Helmer

Ward Enckhof
Lisa Been

Agency Producer
Marcel Ossendrijver

Production & Post
Glassworks Amsterdam

Sound Studio
Wave Studios

Music Agency
Wave Studios

Adelphoi Music

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