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iRISk Cyber Security

Securing what matters

iRISK cyber security is the agency that offers you tailor-made, high-quality knowledge to get and keep your IT pragmatic under control. We ensure that you can rely on the correctness, completeness and availability of all your critical data. As a result, the IT environment of your company, with the expertise of iRISK cybersecurity, quietly moves towards the future.

iRISK iT Services helps you to continue to professionalise and update your information security in a decisive way. We train your employees further for the security awareness of your company. By analyzing, advising and coordinating findings, we provide you with the management response of the annual IT Audit. We set up security baselines for your company, so that you comply with international guidelines for credit card security (PCI-DSS), privacy (AVG), E-commerce and access requirements for third parties.
iRISK cyber security takes care of and maintains the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your IT environment.



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Robert-Jan Hoesman

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Jeroen Cremer

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Jeroen Feenstra

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