Get Fit for Summer

Billboard becomes work-out.





Billboard becomes work-out

Basic-Fit Benelux launches their Get fit for summer campaign with an outdoor activation that gets friend groups to work-out together. The squad who carries the billboard to the nearest Basic-Fit gym the first, gets a free 1 year membership. These special Get fit for summer billboards are equipped with sport handles and give the billboard its extra work-out feature.

The campaign is a follow-up of the previously aired #squadgoals campaign in which we followed a group of friends who motivate each other to hit the gym through a Whatsapp conversation. With this outdoor activation the target is activated to hit the gym in real life. The moment they see the billboard, their work-out begins.





Graphic Design Billboard
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Team
Paul van Uden
Annemaro Huberts

Film Editors
Jeroen Feenstra
Pieter Bokhorst

Max de Vries
Marthe Driest

XXS Amsterdam, 2018

The campaign is awarded with a Bronze Epica Award & a bronze Lamp



by Anderzorg

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