Don’t worry Buy happy

Barry from BCC


Don't worry Buy happy

BCC Delivering happiness

The first step was to develop the brand essence, which served as the basis for the new campaign. The range of electronics and all the possibilities is overwhelming for many consumers. More than ever, there is a need for a party to assist you when it comes to choosing, buying, delivery and installation. Under the banner 'BCC delivers happiness', the electronics chain focuses on customer service and advice.

Barry from BCC
BCC's new campaign series stars protagonist Barry. Barry is a 'don't worry' expert; he likes to help and solve problems with humour. The distinctive green BCC colour, the pay-off 'Don't worry, buy happy' and Barry thus combine to form the ingredients for a recognisable and distinctive communication campaign.

'We know from research that a brand character is ideally suited as a distinctive brand asset. With Barry, the mental link with the BCC brand is optimally reinforced. In addition, with a new sound logo, we are also loading the 'sonic brand cues'. These creative choices allow us to realise disproportionate impact with our media budget. With this new campaign we can very consistently promote the BCC brand, and thus the business, over the coming years.'

The different themes within the new brand campaign (back to school, Black Friday and Happy Deals) will be rolled out to TV, online, social, shop floor, radio and OOH.



Robert-Jan Hoesman

Yvo de Lange
Lynsey Schouten

Jose Evers

Monique Versteegen

Managing Director
Sanne Tolsma

Production & Post
This is US

Mark Haayema

Sonic Branding
Amp. Amsterdam

Sound Design

Creature Amsterdam


TVC / olv

Barry van BCC (brand character)






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