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Anderzorg deals in DigiDope.



Anderzorg deals in DigiDope

Millennials pretty much know they are addicted to their phones. One third even confirms they are knowingly addicted.

Health insurer Anderzorg wanted to address the problem in a way that fits young phone addicted adults. Not by telling them to stop spending time on their phones, but by explaining them why they are addicted.

That’s why Anderzorg started an experiment called DigiDope.



Graphic Design and 3d Concept Visuals
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Team
Paul van Uden
Anne-Maro Huberts

Film Editors
Jeroen Feenstra
Pieter Bokhorst

Final 3D Art & Animation

XXS Amsterdam, 2018







Dopamine is the reward chemical our brain releases when we go high on hearts, likes and followers - call it DigiDope. So to get people motivated to participate in the experiment and go cold turkey from Instagram for 21 days, we invited them to go high on DigiDope one last time.

By giving them a shot of 250 likes on Instagram. Over 2000 young adults took on the challenge and went cold turkey.


DigiDope shot





Answers from Boy

For those who were still scrolling their usual 4 hours a day, we explained the advantages of going cold turkey in 6 content episodeson Instagram TV and Insta Stories and teamed up with psychobiologist Boy Visser.

He answered all DigiDope & cold turkey related questions such as how we sleep deeper, why our neck experiences less pain and why we still feel our phone vibrating in our pocket.

Want to know more about the DigiDope experimentor get a shot of digital dopamine yourself? Go to @DigiDope on Instagram. Enjoy the dope!



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