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Connexys is the dutch marketleader for creating solutions in finding, selecting and recruiting talent.

Arejay graphics was commisioned by 210KG to create a new logo and identity for Connexys. For the concept and design process we worked from the mission statement of the company: Connecting the ambitions of our relations, creating a transparent jobmarket where supply and demand come together in the easiest way.

The concept revolves around 'co' which is short for working together but also the first two letters of the company. By letting the shape of the letters flow together as a single logo it tells the story of bringing the right partners together in one single flowing shape. The base colour of the company in previous logo's and communication was orange (dutch national colour) and we kept this in the new design. We wanted to create a living colour of orange to give the identity a dynamic look to fit the company. A broader range of (orange) colour was added to the existing orange and a gradient set was created for inside the logo.



Graphic Design
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Roger Matena
Gordana Lucic

Brenda de Vries




Royal Dutch Yacht Consortium

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