Candid Identity

Visualising the platform for growth


Candid corporate identity

Platform for growth.

As a platform, Candid introduces a new perspective, a new way of thinking and working. Bringing together the specialist skills, cultures and identities of strong award winning agency brands in one single platform, organised around a common goal and shared believe to deliver maximum growth and business results for clients.

Candid. A platform of independent agencies.
It Solves The paradox of autonomy and collaboration. Candid’s specialised and independent agencies work together closely within the platform to deliver truly integrated solutions to clients.

Logo design and identity look and feel
A logo is not an identity but it is a good start. The primary colour palette is very minimal to keep the Candid look business savy and no nonsense. The platform works in service of the strong agency brands attached to the platform, so this is reflected in the minimal approach of the identity design.



Design Director
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Josien de Heul

Daan Muntinga

XXS Amsterdam

1. C for candid but also for client. Clients are at the center of everything we do at Candid.

2. The semi circle. This semi circles represents all the agencies and their expertises connected to the Candid platform.

3. The smile at the bottom. This represents the Candid culture and
the support and service minded attitude of the group.

4. Open facing gap. We're open, open to diversity, new technology and data enabled creativity.

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