Bon Prix it's me!

Corporate Identity Redesign


Bonprix it's me!

Bonprix needed to transform from a budget and rational brand into a modern, stylish online fashion label.

The insight from research was that online fashion buyers don't want to be portrayed as the cliché postorder clients. BSUR came up with the Concepting Mentality: Together we shine..

In all touchpoints the Bonprix fan is always portrayed in a warm and dynamic social setting, in which he/she is the icon. As a result Bonprix is now seen as a proper fashion provider in over 20 countries and continues to experience steady healthy growth.



Graphic Design
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Director
Shandor Gancs

Strategy Director
Stein Janssen

Account Manager
Robbert-Coen Koreman

BSUR Concepting


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