Glen Morangie Signatures

Unnecessarily well made



Unnecessarily Well Made.

Glenmorangie approached BSUR with the challenge of raising global consumer awareness for the brand. The objectives were to establish a luxurious feel to quintessential Scottish products and highlight Glenmorangie’s attention to detail philosophy.

Glenmorangie is as discerning as the people who drink it.

Concepting Mentality
Absolute Devotion.

Glenmorangie’s Signet logo was recreated by hand in two different crafts - wood and copper – to reflect two of Glenmorangie’s signature brand narratives. The bottle of the iconic Original takes centre stage in imagery, the artwork behind, represents the unseen lengths that go into creating Glenmorangie whisky.



Graphic Design
Robert-Jan Hoesman
Alex de Raaff

Creative Director
Shandor Gancs

Creative Team
Janna Stolp
Simon van Gorkum

Antonin Jamond

Niels Spaans



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