Funda – via funda

funda is the largest realestate website in the Netherlands. Being marketleader they offer the biggest range of properties for sale ranging from family homes (funda), country houses (funda landelijk) to office spaces (funda in business). Almost all of the (marketing) activities funda initiates are online.

Because everything they do online is based on usability and functionality, i designed a couple of simple icons for the three labels. (funda, funda in business and funda landelijk). The icons were placed in a square which represents a pixel (smallest unit on a screen), each square was set in the colour of the label (orange, blue and green). For the stationery items i used the basic idea of the pixel to create the artwork for the back of the items.

Graphic Design:
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Team:
Gordana Lucic
Roger Matena

Creative Team funda in businessproject & Jingle Doorbells:
Janna Stolp
Simon van Gorkum

2009-2012 BSUR Agency

Via funda campaign-icons for the three main housing categories: regular housing, country houses and office & business housing

At funda they manage their own website, so they implemented the the icons on their website based on our toolkit.


Brochure covers

Brochures for the real estate agents

dhappy-new-houseChristmas card

At the funda office

Icons were developed for brochures and web

For rent posters

makelaars-beoordelingReal estate agent client reviews

Doorhangers for the real estate agents

Small newspaper and magazine ads

Sympathetic guerilla style promotion, placing birdhouses in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam carrying the message:
‘A house for everybody via funda’


Ad campaign for funda in business, showing the broad scope of business real estate available via (the buildings are mock-ups shot in a Limbo to translate the flat icon style to the real 3d world without losing the link to the iconographic style)

xlflyer XL flyer B to B

Funda christmas greetings 2012/2013 made with Janna Stolp & Simon van Gorkum

Funda-in-business-nr1Funda in business number 1 in business real estate