ONVZ Identity + Campaign

Cherish your most valuable asset

While working on the identity redesign, we also had to create a fall campaign to get new clients in and keep existing clients. ONVZ is certainly not the cheapest health insurance company but their coverage is the best. Your most valuable asset, your body is central in the campaign, and if you cherish it you want the best insurance you can afford. ONVZ clients come mostly from the mid level and higher incomes, they don't want any fuss but just a really good insurance.

The logo was a dark brown and almost neon yellow. Onvz asked BSUR in the pitch and we quickly decided that the logo was stille very relevant but needed updating. We changed the brown to a more business dark grey (stands for corporate exellence) and changed the neonish yellow to a warm (sunny) yellow (stands for the human approch). I created a fixed rounded square around the logo creating a badge which contains a circular gradient.
The result is a logo in which a person is standing in the sun and it radiates, empowering the person.

After proofing and the final approval of the logo i designed a lot of first editions for a lot of items ranging from flyers, businesscards and brochures to the logo on the front of the building. Making sure all items spreak the same language. All these items were placed as examples in the brandmanual to make sure that all future communications of the brand will be consistent.

Graphic Design:
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Team:
Rob van Vijfeijken
Ro Mulder

Wouter van den Brink

2009 - 2012 BSUR Agency

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Mega billboards (awareness)

Housestyle / Brandmanual

Content from the brandmanual

Content from the brandmanual

Brochure with new healthcare products

Card for the babybox (giftbox for clients who are pregnant)

Card to congratulate parents with their newborn.

Policybook and Productcards

Golf invitation

Gala Invitation (with laser cut illustration of the logo revealing parts of photo of the location on the inside)

Gala diner

Information Meeting Invitation

Here we are, mega billboards with only the logo (awareness) supported by a print and banner-campaign.

Double page spread

1/1 magazine ads

Double page spread

Double page spread

Fall promotion mailing targeting insurance companies and employers

Redesigned website (website made by the people’s valley)