O’Neill Hangtag books 04/05

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Hangtag booklets are small credit card size books (in this case 26 pages) which contain lifestyle images and graphics for that season, it's an inspirational booklet showing off the collection.

When people buy a O'Neill product they can browse through the rest of the collection and perhaps buy something extra. Booklets we're created for the Men, Women and junior collections. The theme for FW04 was 'Welcome to my neighborhood' and the theme for SS05 was 'Always summer on the inside'.

Graphic Design:
Robert-Jan Hoesman
Design Director:
Pascal Duval

Booklets1Covers for Fall/Winter 04 men, women and junior

Booklets2Men’s collection

Booklets3Women’s collection

Booklets4Junior collection

Booklets5_SSCovers for Spring/Summer 05 men, women and junior

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