Neon Private Equity

Jurjen Born, old colleague and friend from Stredge brand introductions asked me to design a identity for a new brand within the private equity division of Fortis Nederland.

I started on the project after the initial strategy fase where the name NEON came on the table. It's short for 'NEderlands ONdernemerschap' which stands for Dutch entrepeneurship.

For the design i worked on the idea of openness(freedom), being dynamic and at the same time solid or down to earth (dutch mentality). I made a lot of sketches for a visual language which resulted in an logo design with an industrial feel but with all the other characteristics we wanted the design to convey.

Graphic and Screendesign:
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Concept & Strategy:
jurjen Born
Frankhaveman (stredge)

Website photography header visuals:
Ellen de Vries

Website photography portraits:
Brenda de Vries

Greenlight solutions

Neon private equity

Logomark with descriptor

Logomark freespace and construction

Overview basic stationery items

Outtake logo manual

Overview basic stationery items


Website screens


Sketch of visual style