Groenlinks Campaign 2006

2006 election campaign for political party Groenlinks

The challenge was to make clear that GroenLinks besides the ‘green party’, is the most open and progressive political party in the Netherlands. GroenLinks is a realistic left winged party with a liberal view on the world.

Creative Concept
Groei mee (grow with us) creates a solid platform on economic growth in an ecologically responsible way.

Identity Design
Starting the proces we worked with the existing logo and build a campaignbadge around it. Growth is translated in the
upwards horizontal line on the top. Groenlinks allready had a strong colourpalet which we used to make the look and feel even more powerful.

Next to the photographic posters we created copybased posters where all the standpoints from the party will be brought to the attention of the voting public.

Alle printed campaign materials were printed on recycled paper whenever possible.

Graphic Design:
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Team:
Hans van Nood
Eddy Schennink
Joost Perik

Daan Brand

2006 BSUR Agency

Campaign badge

Campaign film

Campaign program

Partyleader campaign poster/Graphical poster

Photographic campaign posters (Portraying party members)

A4 folder/Campaign window poster

Campaign book about sustainable economic growth

Campaign materials in use at the Groenlinks congress

Campaigning on the streets

Keeping the energy-up

Big Groenlinks fans

Stationery items

Digital stationery + logo toolkit

Detail of graphical poster ‘Uruzgan in the name of peace’

Graphical Poster ‘Freedom of expression in God’s name’

Graphical Poster ‘Young people have a right on retirement’