Gupta Intelligent Data Solutions = GIDS. GIDS is new company that creates intelligent management information software for the health care industry and specifically for hospitals. The end product is a software tool that is used by the management of hospitals.

Core Values
• Transparency
• Simplicity, less is more
• Conceptual solid
• Quality, primary visual approch to business intelligence. a picture speaks a thousand words

I was commissioned to created a identity design with a very clean look and feel, but also a bit playfull and friendly.
I decided to elevate the 'G' to a logomark as a link to the founder of the sistercompany, Gupta strategists.

The design of the G is based on a diagonal grid and consists of separate particles that form the letter G. The idea behind the particles is that it reflects the company's core business, taking lots of data (particles) and transforming that data into clear information. Diagonal lines give the design a dynamic shape. To balance the logo between functional and human, i rounded of parts of the straight lines and used a clear colour palette.

Graphic and Conceptual Design:
Robert-Jan Hoesman

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Logo design

Diagonal basegrid for the logo design

Ad for Zorg ICT magazine

Pages from the identity guide booklet


Screen of the online application (visualising data from a hospital and their service area into clear charts)

Sketches and first drafts