Fruit Shoot FSE-1

GO EXPLORE showing the fantasy world of children the way mothers like to see it: active, playful and outdoors, at the same time demonstrating the practical benefits of Fruitshoot.
This project was a 360 degree campaign mechanism centred around a website. Kids could sign in on the website with a code on the neck of a fruitshoot bottle, then they could win a 12 meter custom designed bouncer in the shape of a rocket near their home.

We also created a space explorer game where kids could increase their chances of winning the rocket bouncer by finishing the game and getting the highest score. They could invite their friends and dare them to do better, thus generating more traffic to the site.

Around the rocket events fruitshoot bottle were sampled as this was another great contact moment with the targetgroup.
The rocket tour create a lot of awareness and sales went up from 5 to 12 percent.

Graphic Design & Art Direction:
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Creative Team:
Gordana Lucic
Roger Matena

3D Design & Animation:
Justin Baker

Website & Gamecoding:
Greenlight Solutions

Inflatable Technical Design:
Erik van Dongen @airdesign

Photo thomas in rocket:
Gerald van Daalen

2009-2010 BSUR Agency

Campaign Badge


Online FSE-1 space explorer game where childeren could increase their chance for winning the real rocket

Ads in kids magazines

Ads targeting mothers

Opening of the rockettour by wishchild Thomas (photo: CAPITAL PHOTOS GERALD VAN DAALEN)

The FSE-1 promotion crew

The FSE-1 rockettour accross the Netherlands

On-pack Promotion

Astronaut jackets for the FSE-1 pricewinners

The kids having a blast with the rocketbouncer

Instore promotion & give-aways

Downloadable Wallpapers