113 Identity

I was commissioned by Stredge brand introductions to create a logo for 113online . 113Online is an independent care provider subsidized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (Ministerie van VWS). 113Online's aim is to make suicide a subject that people can talk about and to guide people in how to help themselves and others. Their most important aim is to prevent suicide.

The foundation wants to make suicide a subject you should dare to talk about, especially when you need help. In the design we stayed close to this theme, the typography is bold and no-nonsense and the lines form a dialogue balloon. The tagline is Suicide? Talk about it. The gradient from the dark red in the upper left corner to the bright red in the lower right corner is a image metaphor, talking about your troubles can bring enlightenment.

Logo design & Concept:
Robert-Jan Hoesman

Concept & Strategy:
jurjen Born

Website photography portraits:
Brenda de Vries


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